2018 Schedule

Thursday, February 22nd - 2pm                                  Long Beach Public Library, NY                              Music Through The Ages

Monday, June 18th - 2pm                                            Jericho Public Library, NY                                      Beethoven

Thursday, June 21st - 1pm                                          Bayport-Blue Point Public Library, NY                   Beethoven

Wednesday, August 1st - 6pm                                     New Haven Public Library, CT                               Beethoven

Monday, August 20th - 7pm                                       Setauket Public Library, NY                                    Beethoven

Approx. Run Time - 75 mins

 - $175

Contact Information:

Phone: 516-652-6867

Classical music is more than just a listening experience. It’s also a glimpse into the past. Every note can be a doorway into the time of the composer’s life. Different eras produced different styles of music based upon what was happening in society during that time and so to really appreciate classical music to its fullest it is important to understand the time from which it came.


Follow the evolution of piano music through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods as we enjoy some of the most prominent pieces by notable composers during this time.

Music Through The Ages

Approx. Run Time - 75 mins

 - $175

**Presentations may be adjusted to accommodate any size venue.

Both presentations consist of spoken lecture as well as live piano performance. 

All equipment can be provided by the lecturer, unless otherwise desired.